Probably the top ten coffees in the world!

Sep 6, 2011



Some would say it is a matter of debate which coffees should be called “The Top Ten Coffees in the World.” Which premium coffees are most deserving of this title is less controversial than one may think, however, as certain coffees have proven themselves consistently over time and may truly be considered to be the best coffees on the planet. We are going to look at the top ten espresso coffees as we see it. But we would love to hear your comments on this important coffee issue. Just like wine, coffee is a matter of taste, and we know that some of the coffees that we talk about here are not going to be to your taste!.


1) Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

Grown on Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Peaberry coffee is a bright coffee with a medium body and delightful fruit-toned acidity. The taste is deep and rich, often revealing hints of black currant which soften to chocolate and then blend into the coffee’s lingering, sweet finish.

Try a medium roast which provides an aroma that is floral and complex, often exhibiting hints of pineapple, citrus, or coconut. The flavor is delicate, sometimes revealing winey notes and a velvety feeling on the palate.

Tanzania Peaberry coffee beans come from a coffee cherry (fruit) that is comprised of one whole coffee bean instead of the usual two half-beans. Typically less than seven percent of a coffee crop is peaberry.

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