Original Espresso Sin

May 28, 2012



Whopper or an Espresso – Which Sin came first?

Well at 6-30 am each and every morning I have to say the espresso wins hands down… and to be honest I am not a big fan of the whooper either!

But had you ever considered that either of these seemingly innocuous parts of average daily life could be considered a sin!?

Well, if you are one of the Mormon faithful, such is the rather sad conclusion, rule, regulation and guideline that you must adhere to!

But why, oh why, in a life of hustle bustle and sorrow, should one of life’s smallest pleasures suddenly be deemed sinful?

It’s the caffeine don’t you know… as a stimulant it’s considered dangerous to the body!

Perhaps the cynic in me thinks that Mormons 200 years ago didn’t like not being able to control something they knew little of…. however mild a ‘drug’ or stimulant?

Well Mormons believe that Prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation from God outlining foods that would lead to good health, and foods that should be avoided that could lead to bad health. That revelation, known as the ‘Word of Wisdom’ was given in 1833

Apparently, the edict that coffee (as outlined in the Mormon Doctrine and Covenants Section 89) is a sin was then decided upon in the mid 1850s, when Brigham Young put acceptance of the Mormon ‘Word of Wisdom’ as a  direct commandment to the vote in a General Conference  – unfortunately, for all Mormons thereafter, the vote was passed  and since then the ‘Word of Wisdom’ has been viewed as a literal commandment from the Lord

A Mormon blog I read recently called coffee a ‘disgusting and sinful drink’…. !

Now you may well be right if thinking of the dish water that used to be served at most British motor way service areas…but, I have to say that almost without exception the standards of coffee service in these fair isles has improved dramatically since the 1970s…

In fact the only ‘sinful’ remnant of those days, when we were literally drinking crap, has to be Kraft’s dreadful ‘Mellow Birds’…

Thank god, that for those god fearing mortals remaining, who insist upon drinking coffee, quality and service standards have improved… since 1833 and 1983!

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