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Oct 1, 2013



Read this and weep or worship

Informed or manipulated… this is real life excerpt from a North American college campus student rag  paper

Coffee consumption has always been associated with debate and  intrigue…just think of the original coffee shops here in London as an example… so is this view as expressed by a young student fresher valid comment or ill in formed student hokum…you decide!

‘Our Coffee Consumption Has Severe Consequences

Dear Editor, The majority of college students may have a cup of coffee every once in a while to stay awake while writing a paper or studying for finals, while others consume coffee nearly every day. For some, standing in line at the coffee cart around the corner to order an iced coffee has become an important morning ritual buy zithromax online

Written by Guardian Opinion

13 May 2013

However, coffee is consumed in mass amounts off campus as well. Throughout the world, coffee is the most popular beverage next to water. Over 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year. Over 10 billion dollars in revenue is made annually in the coffee industry. However, the small farmer receives less than one percent of the profit, as coffee may change hands as many as 15 times.

In addition, coffee crops are sprayed with pesticides, and the soil is infused with fertilizers. This leads to water contamination, depletion of nutrients in the soil, acidification of the soil and rainforest destruction. For every cup of coffee consumed, three square centimeters of rainforest are destroyed. Ten thousand square kilometers of rainforest are lost annually to the cultivation of coffee. If rainforest destruction is unimportant you as a consumer, you should know that 95 percent of coffee beans are sold stale or molding.

We should all cut down on our coffee consumption and make purchases backed with knowledge in order to achieve the protection of our rainforests, promote fair trade and maintain biodiversity. Think of the consequences next time you reach for your morning cup of coffee.

—    Jessica Moore
Freshman, Roosevelt College’

Interesting if only in the context that the Arab world has tripled its coffee consumption in the last decade and that the UAE posted an 85% increase in coffee consumption in the last three years making it the fastest growing market place in the world for the brown liquor which we all love and covet!

And that Fiji is about to join the coffee family and cultivate a crop which will be available in 3 seasons time… this on land which cannot be used for the staple sugar cane and which use sheep for weed control …..

But to keep the debate even handed you dear drinker… and decide


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