Only F**kwits drink espresso ?!

May 3, 2012



Guru was recently put very firmly in his place, after reading an article in that august and liberal tome the ‘Daily Mail’… which purported in a ‘Mystic Meg’ style to predict personality by the coffee which you preferred…

I like a Macchiato – best of both worlds me thinks… but not according to this writer, who coldly advised ‘…you like to be different- just not too different and in reality you’re happy to tag along behind others…’

Ok – that sounds like New Labour style speak…for basically, you are a no hope plonker who has little idea and is simply one of life’s passengers… cut to the quick was an understatement, as salt was then rubbed into my masculine wounds when I read that-

Mocha drinkers possessed a ‘core of steel’

Latte drinkers preferred to ’take their coffee with company’


Lungo drinkers were ‘connoisseurs’

The only comments of any accuracy or note were that espresso drinkers were ‘reformed smokers’ spot on! …..And that our soon to be £1B gourmet coffee appetite, can trace its heritage back to the simple, humble and beautiful espresso

New variants are appearing each and everyday…  the damp squib that is ‘Flat White’ being an obvious example…along with the following offerings…all of which have  been devised with the simple intent of maintaining interest and margin in the category

The Schiumato – one espresso shot and foamed milk

The Bicerin – one shot chocolate and foamed milk

And the Marochino – one shot espresso, foamed milk and cocoa powder

Aromo’s advice has, as ever, to be keep it simple…do what you want to do…but whatever you do decide to do…do it with perfetto ESE espresso!

This article was written by Guru (Andy Grelak) who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods