New technology helps old Giant

Jul 23, 2012



It is typical isn’t it…? With new technology almost anything seems possible doesn’t it? We can put a man on the moon but ‘ba de da de da’…. Well it’s true!

How come for example we can’t use ‘super’ DNA technology to identify coffee by origin?

Why can we still only identify coffees from isotopic analysis of the soils and geology of the growing region?

Whilst I accept that genetically all Coffea Arabica is very similar and that diverse regions are using some similar historical genotypes…..And….. I can understand that where genetic variation exists, it is minimal… I am still drawn to the simple fact that after hundreds of years of cultivation and scientific advances there surely must be the tools to gather enough nuclear DNA markers to tell regions apart reliably?

Well apparently not!

So, it was good to hear of a back to basics approach recently….

In Cuba, biotechnology is being applied to help an ailing giant

Nationwide, research institutions have made headway in developing new coffee plant varieties… which deliver higher yields and have a greater resilience to pestilence and disease

The new hybrids have been derived by crossing local varieties with coffee plants from Africa and offer hope to an industry which has declined over 90% since its 1960s and 1970s hey day

In 2009 the worst ever harvest was recorded at just 5,500t / less than 10,000 bags

As a result and rtaher perversely the Cuban government had to spend $50m to import 18,000t of coffee required for domestic demands!

Castro wasn’t happy! Hence the renewed focus and promise of 20,000t by 2015 and 30,000t soon thereafter!

Perfetto espresso and a good cigar has suddenly placed itself centre stage on my objectives for this weekend!

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