New Frontiers

Jun 9, 2013




The coffee business is big…. 13 trillion coffee trees…. growing in + 100 origin territories…supporting more than 25 million people… and providing the world’s second largest traded commodity after oil…

And today the focus and mantra of all market players is to add value and protect margin!

Single serve in all its forma- pods, pads and capsules delivers in a huge way on these demands! But the focus for these systems tends to be the developed nations of the globe…the US for example is the accounts for $9 b of the global coffee trade at retail value and Europe swallows up 64% of global coffee pod sales…

But what about basic product like instant coffee and fresh roast and ground? Well the new frontier for these ‘old friends’ is yes the BRIC nations but also new and emerging economies…

For example forecasters predict Egypt will between 2011 > 2016 grow 14% and add a further 2500 MT of coffee business to the hot beverage market place!


Other notable players include-

Morocco + 20% and a further 2500 MT

Iran +m 70% and a further 4500 MT

Nigeria and Kenya + 28% and a further 1000 MT

And South Africa +20% and a further 1000 MT


BBBBig figures and big profits for those willing to leave the beaten track

Now Monkey! Pack our bags….. And get the passports, we’re off to sunnier climes for some market research! What!!? You don’t have a passport…well, you’ll just have to stowe away old bean

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