My ESE Espresso Machine

Sep 14, 2011



I have been experimenting and sampling so many coffees recently, and I have been sticking to the same machine for reasons of consistency.

I’m using a Delonghi EC330S just like the one in the picture here, and I’m really very pleased with it so far. What I like best is the time it takes from switching on to poring the first espresso is remarkably low. I run the first one through the machine to warm the coffee pods holder up, and the cup anyway. I think my only gripe is that a small rubbery ‘O’ ring has snapped inside the milk-frother wand, which is probably caused by the numerous times I’m taking it to bits to clean. I’ll figure out where to buy a replacement one day, but it doesn’t stop it working so I carry on.

Oh this reminds me a friend went on a course recently to learn how to froth milk. Yes a whole course on milk frothing!  Talk about niche. I’ll ask him to reveal what he learnt in a post on here sometime soon.




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