Monsooning or Dogging – Which to choose?

Aug 8, 2012



Well both have a premium!

Hard decisions and tough choices sum up the life of an adult don’t they?

Guru hails not far away from Cannock Chase, where the unfortunate Stan Collimore realised one evening in 2004, that he had made the wrong  life style choice when caught dogging – a sexual activity with strangers of dubious pedigree!

This I have to admit has nothing at all to do with the following ‘lecture’ ….but, as I now have your attention, why not read on and understand Monsooning?

The origin of Monsooned Malabar – which achieved Geographical Indication, awarded in 2008 ( ironically to Mangalore and not the area of cultivation)  – is simple and steeped in the history of British colonialism… and a time when the exported green beans had a six month journey around  the Cape of Good Hope, before reaching their final European destination. During this treacherous journey, the beans were exposed to unique and particularly humid conditions at sea…which changed their physical nature – their size – their texture and their visual appearance – BUT!! The European’s loved the mellowness of this ‘new’ coffee

The opening of Ferdinand de Lesseps’s 102 mile long Suez Canal in 1869, changed the transit times and conditions and most importantly the resulting bean!

It didn’t taste the same!

So, the local experts agreed upon the ‘creation’ of a ‘simulated ambience’ and started to transport the harvested beans from Talicherry in Kerla to Mangalore, along the  western coast during the monsoon months……The  result was to successfully mimic the original transformation in the bean and the roasted liquor – success and history made!

Only the better quality ‘AA’ and ‘A’ beans are selected for monsooning today – a simple process which involves the selected beans being stored from June > September in well ventilated warehouses, which are exposed to the humid, moisture laden, monsoonal winds

The beans obligingly change from green to golden brown in colour and bloat to twice their original size…..The beans are then cleaned and graded and ready for shipment come the end of September

Recent concerns that the diminishing monsoon season might affect this process  and the associated 5,000 t industry have been proven false – just as well …as  the 15% price premium makes this a a valuable crop for the local trade!

Monkey – will you look into Aromo making a one off batch of Monsooned Malabar or perhaps Aged Sumatran…  a mellow and smoky addition to our  beautifully designed portfolio might be just the ticket!

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