Looking forward to Vic Reeves being a customer, one day

Jul 7, 2012



So Vic Reeves thinks buying Nespresso capsules from Nestle is “too much of a palaver” so he prefers to buy from Sainsbury’s, according to his interview with Tech magazine T3 which quizzed him about his tech. purchases. Apparently he has downgraded to a Dolce Gusto machine for his daily cappuccino, but it makes him feel posh, so that’s good.

Buying from Nestle is indeed a palaver (nice word that), and customers were, until recently locked in to them as they were the only supplier. Aromo aim to break that stranglehold and offer some choice for the nespresso punters, firstly with their range of nespresso capsules from the toaster and kettle experts, Dualit. What’s more the palaver is reduced with a quick and easy e-commerce site, fast delivery and keen pricing. Welcome Nestle customers to a new experience, a new range of flavours and better value for money to boot!

As to supermarkets? Aromo will be in there one day, and Vic and the non-geeks will be well served too. One day soon.