Lazy British Espresso!

Apr 3, 2012



Lazy British Style Gourmet Espresso

We Brits have become a lazy bunch of so and so’s in a generation…..

40 years ago most tea was sold loose – It had to be stored correctly, dosed carefully, allowed to steep and carefully poured with the assistance of a strainer….

Today the vast majority is bagged… nice ‘n’ easy…simple… no thinking required… no mess… no fuss… and can be ‘adjusted’ to taste

To give you an idea of the dominance of the ubiquitous tea bag:

Over 92 m Kilo of tea bags are sold in the Uk annually, that makes it a + £600 M category

Compare this to poor old leaf tea, languishing at 2 m kilo pa, with a £16 M retail value

Now this is a coffee and specifically an espresso blog… and Aromo sells only ESE pods / easy serving espresso pods…So why you may well ask dear reader am I now banging on about tea…?

Well, because in a tea drinking nation, the switch from loose to single serve , portion controlled tea bags intrigues me, when I see what is now happening with coffee… both in the respect of:

The growth of coffee consumption per se

The premiumisation of the category, primarily through fresh coffee offerings, but also now through innovation in the soluble category – notably Starbucks Via

And of course the inexorable rise of single serve fresh coffee service solutions, led by the ‘Marlon Brando’ of the pack – Nespresso

So will we in another 5 > 10 years see instant coffee as a minor niche in the bigger fresh coffee / single serve universe..? Yes and no!

Yes, we will undoubtedly see growth in these categories

The portioned single serve espresso market is today valued in Europe alone at c 3.5 > 4 B € pa

It is big and growing at c 10 > 15 % CAGR – expect more growth…..if only because we are lazy good for nothings,  more demanding than ever before of simple luxury franchises of which we can easily become a member and an aficionado

Nespresso and Tassimo currently lead the way with their over packaged, high resource, high carbon foot print service solutions….

ESE Espresso pods on the other hand are simple, no mess, no fuss single serve espresso solutions which allow you the consumer, the individual , the hedonist to enjoy your perfetto espresso whenever you choose …safe in the knowledge that you are passing on this privilege to another generation,  because ESE pods are 100% compostable….

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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