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Nov 12, 2012



Too Little Too Late?


Interesting news that the espresso giant, Lavazza,  has at last decided to put some ‘oomph’ behind the launch of its café bar ‘Espression’ here in the UK

 The business will be delivered via a franchise operation and will build upon the Harrods unit opened two years ago, and the Belfast ‘George Best’ City airport site – which always seems so quiet to me when I pass through


The first new units will be in Manchester’s Trafford Centre  (2,368sq.ft) and Newbury’s Parkway ( 3,540 sq.ft.) both seating 90>100 bums… Partner Catalyst Retail advise a further 50 sites are on the cards…which, in the current economic climate and the market now surely racing towards saturation seems a bullish forecast to say the least!

Lavazza’s work on the café chain began in its home town of Turin, where the original site was the test for what has become the brand trademark – strong, warm reds and creamy whites in the décor, and notably, large illustrations on the walls which have all been taken from the famous Lavazza calendars,  featuring star models


Many of the Espression menu items feature unusual Lavazza creations, which have come from the brand’s development laboratory – Work conducted in partnership with the Ferran Adrià – Of ‘El Bulli’ restaurant fame – which has today become known as the best experimental restaurant in the world

Adria has long been a proponent of ‘molecular gastronomy’, a typical invention being an Espresso, described as frozen espresso and milk foam, blasted side by side into a cup and then eaten with a spoon! Other inventions have included an espresso gel and a cake-cup, from which coffee is drunk… and the ‘cup’ then eaten….

All very interesting I am sure, but is there a margin opportunity there-in, I am not so sure?

The mercurial Lavazza has  reinvented itself more times than Madonna these last few years, but ultimately here in the UK, I can’t help but feel that any self respecting espresso connoisseur will have to benchmark new branded activity against the now infamous 49p promotions plastered on black boards the length and breadth of the country outside Wetherspoons ‘value eating’ establishments!! Its a long old road back from oblivion…..


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