Krispy Kreme – Kreme de la Kreme ?

Nov 20, 2012




I don’t know about you – but  I have to admit to being a sucker for the Krispy Kreme (KK) offer… and I know Monkey shares this fever inducing addiction with me

KK were originally founded of course stateside in 1936 in Nashville and have over the years continued to grow, despite accounting scandals to a whooping $362 m company , with 3700 international employees and over 40 stores here in the Uk alone

KK came to these shores in 2003 and their growth has been steady and measured…high profile sites at Harrods and Paddington, have helped spread the word whilst member get member works in an almost ‘evangelical’ style!


Now, as I say, I love all 15 of the KK core range of donughts……my favourite being ‘Strawberries and Kreme’……Monkey falls over for the ‘Iced maple ring’.…but when it comes to the coffee, I have to admit I have been left cold:(

Many high street players, such as McDonalds , Nero and Costa have set the pace in terms of fine quality, everyday drinking, long and espresso coffees… the KK offer, well, it is somewhere between a ‘ pig and poke’, which for those of you who hail from south of Watford Gap means neither one thing nor the other!


Advertised as ‘sustainably sourced’- but offering not a sniff of an accredited brand is the first warning signal…come on boys that’s a bit like passing off Asti Spumanti for the real McCoy…if the coffee is sustainably or responsibly sourced tell us how – eh?

As for the supposed Arabica / Robusta mix…..I would have to say it is a rather bland blend – An uninteresting exposition in below average coffee…..high Brazils working blandly with cheap Ugandan robusta and perhaps a sniff of some Centrals 3 such as El Slavador or similar.Its all a bit Gold Blend in all but name and is  nothing more than a gourmet pass off which flatters to deceive….

Now come Kripsy Kreme…..get you act in order……no nasties in your donughts which are Halal and Vegetarian… and yet a ‘to go’ coffee offer which would be better suited to a hauliers café on a quiet Sunday afternoon

If you want ‘Kreme de la Kreme’ in the coffee stakes may I politely suggest you  try our Boost and Bounce as a starter for ten – then you will know the pace of the UK market today…

We consumers may not know the nuances and verbiage of the trade –  but we do now know and appreciate a good ole cuppa coffee!

Guru writes for Aromo Coffee – They are coffee experts focussed on providing convenient and tasty ways for the caffeine addict to take their medicine. Aromo supplies excellent ESE Coffee pods and superlative Senseo pods,  both of which offer the espresso and filter connoisseur  a no mess, no fuss,  super fresh and environmentally conscious method to make stunning coffee… the guys at Aromo also have a range of Dualit branded capsules which make a brilliant and economic alternative to nespresso capsules

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