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Jan 12, 2012



Some Rubbish – Just Enjoy Espresso

There is a huge amount of flannel out there with regards to coffee and espresso

The High Street Gourmet Coffee explosion of the last 10 years has proved the catalyst for a raft of micro roasters and industry experts (read back packers who have made a holiday in origin) to suddenly set up shop and start preaching about the virtues of the perfect cup of coffee

One article has attracted my attention which states-

‘Coffee is often at its best the day after roasting’

Not correct. Coffee is not at its best the day after roasting, as the coffeoil will be too fresh – therefore the beans will not grind properly and the in cup performance will be green, fresh and more acidic

The writer then goes onto advise-

‘Foil-wrapped vacuum-packed containers (where the package tightly conforms to the beans) should be avoided’


And then states-

‘Carbon dioxide emission lasts for up to two weeks after roasting, so the foil bags should have one-way exhaust valves so that they don’t expand’

Correct- hence why the packs are rigid / brick like!

The writer goes on to suggest

‘You want a roasting date, not an expiration date—the latter is misleading, since you don’t know whether the retailer is being unrealistically optimistic about how long they consider the beans to be fresh’

Wrong again!

After millennia of development mankind amongst many other things has built up knowledge about barrier properties of materials… And hence knows that for example a polyester laminated alu foil will provide a better barrier property than an EVOH film…

Typically EVOH is good for up to 9 months life… Alu for 12 months… The simple litmus is to complete a residual oxygen pack test…many gourmet / artisan packs will be at atmosphere- simply because the roaster cannot afford the equipment to pack properly, either under pressure / vacuum or modified gas atmosphere…

Aromo ESE espresso pods are wonderfully simple… and the ESE pod provides a simple , road tested method for you to enjoy fabulous espresso at home without the hyperbole

Each  easy serving espresso pod is roasted and then ground and allowed to degas for a few hours…this is normal practice

Then the pods are dosed and each ESE pod packed under nitrogen in an Alu foil pouch

Guaranteeing totally fresh espresso each and every time

Steer clear of the experts is my expert advice!

Enjoy your espresso, experiment, and try out the ESE espresso pod – it really works and is the simplest solution yet known to mankind for the perfetto espresso

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