It’s all too ‘COSTA’ much!

Nov 9, 2012



All Too Much


Yes a great Beatles song – one of my favs from the White Album, but now also the clarion call of those in the ‘espresso know’ that enough is enough when it comes down to the continued proliferation of coffee houses and life style espresso hang outs the length and breadth of the UK


Bruno Costa himself, who has lived in Purley for 30 years, has recently told his local rag the ‘Croydon Advertiser’ that the chain he founded will soon have its sixth outlet in his home town, and that he thinks the brand has taken over our towns and high streets in much the same way as Tesco has come to dominate the grocery trade …..not me thinks a positive spin to be had out of that custard pie!

The 70-year-old businessman, who founded the chain in the early 1970s, also told advised that he no longer drinks the blend he co-invented, that he regrets having sold the business, and that he slurps Nespresso at home!

He went on to say that he wished he had brought more of his family into the business at the time, and developed the chain further in the way he wanted, not in the way that Whitbread has done….he also admitted that if he were starting off today the likes of Starbucks would have  made his job many times harder…

Having said all of that the Costa and Costa Express Model is very effective and consistent as well as extremely profitable – So any change of plan soon, for the ‘oil tanker’ of a coffee chain, is unlikely, as it continues to deliver a return on capital unheard of unless you operate in the drugs or sex trade!

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