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Jan 23, 2012



In the Espresso Know

Guru has a bee in his bonnet about the coffee market and what will happen in the next few years

Sure there is going to be growth…a lot of growth – perhaps a further 260 B cups consumed globally pa by 2020! And we have spoken about how ESE Easy Serving Espresso pods should take a big share of this!

But back here in blightly and Western Europe in general, the growth is expected to be a bit more sedate…

‘Share of throat’ – That awful marketing speak, for just how much liquid we can squeeze down our throat in a day –  remains  a pretty good indicator of just what it is possible to drink… and unless we start washing in soft drinks and espresso there is a natural consumption limit

Remember 79% of the EU’s populous drink coffee, so when you hear that coffee demand is expected to rise just 0.3 m bags pa in the years to 2020 it doesn’t sound like a lot!

BUT! That equates to 18 m kilo of green bean, 15 m kilo of roasted coffee and a further c 2 b coffees consumed annually – Gulp! That’s a lot of coffee…

….And a lot more espresso to roast and ESE espresso pods for Monkey to make

More interesting though, is that the mix of green coffee imports into Europe is not expected to change much… that means that Europe will continue to import and use:

37% Unwashed Arabica- Read mainly Brazil

36% Robusta

27% Washed Arabica- Mainly East African and Central Americans

Of the three categories, Robusta is the one expected to grow!

Interesting then that all the connoisseurs bang on about 100% Arabica…when to be frank, over a third of all coffee brought into Europe is Robusta!

Here at Aromo we are completely clear, transparent and honest about what we strive to do and what we put into our products…. Only one of our ESE Espresso pods is 100% Arabica… The others have some Robusta in them… Because we believe that for a great espresso you NEED Robusta

Our ESE Easy Serving Espresso pod range allows you to choose the blend you want to use to make great tasting ESE Espresso at home… no mess, no fuss and a great, fresh taste !

This article was written by Aromo Guru for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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