I’m more bump than grind

I have been looking at the quality of the ground coffee I have been drinking.Not the taste but the actual grind itself and the size of the particles I’m left with after grinding the beans. This article from Bohemian Roasters suggests that if you are going to save money on your coffee making set-up don’t be too cheap when it comes to the grinder. Hmm  well up to now I have been trying to get away with a spice grinder, so it wasn’t made with coffee beans in mind, and I now realise I have been grinding it far too coarsely.

So you live and learn and I’ll either have to spend more time with the spice grinder or lay out a hundred quid on a proper burr grinder. Let’s wait and see. In the meantime I’m happy with leaving the hassle to Aromo and trusting they grind it to perfection in their ESE coffee pods.

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