How many coffees do you drink in one day?

Sep 7, 2011


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How many should your limit be? As a coffee lover I am never sure how many americanos or lattes I should be drinking. All of the coffee I drink is based on espresso coffee using either the nespresso hard pod system or the easy serving espresso pods that come in a single serving foil bag (handy if you want fresh coffee all the time). But just how many of these should we be drinking in a day, and is there a limit on the age that you could start drinking coffee?. My son who is 11 years old loves espresso based coffee, but I only allow him one serving a day. I tend to drink 5 cups a day – is this normal, average or below the national average of UK coffee drinkers?

The problem that I have is my coffee machine makes really great espresso coffee, and the smell that it creates throughout my office (I work from home as a designer) is wonderful – I wish I could bottle the smell and have it as a room spray! Let me know how many cups of coffee you drink – I would love to know.


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