Homeless and drinking Starbucks- Life Sucks!

Aug 31, 2013



Homeless enjoy Starbucks!!? Eh- not possible I hear you say…the price …the taste …the service…all of these factors make this statement oxymoronic- or is that just moronic?!


No I don’t mean Starbucks bags ripped up for bedding… Starbucks has, in the next installment of its public rehabilitation, agreed to  join a goodwill initiative where customers are able to buy themselves a beverage and then ‘reserve one’ for a homeless person

The giant and Machiavellian corporation said in a statement that it was ‘embracing the spirit’ of the Suspended Coffee Campaign’

The movement was initiated in Naples and spread across Europe, via Bulgaria of all places… where 150 cafes have established the idea, that allows customers to reserve a beverage for others, unable to afford them and to then be rewarded with that ‘warm feeling’ of a charitable donation

Starbucks bods inevitably ripped the heart out of the initiative by calling it part of a ‘structured and long term initiative’ of charitable giving … Costa and Pret seem likely to follow suit…

Our perspective – great idea!! But to be honest, a drop in the financial ocean for these guys …Let’s be honest, a successful café is simply a money making machine – crumbs to the homeless is better than nothing, but more of this kind of stuff is needed to truly make an impact… and to turn the oil tanker which is corporate greed…

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