Going Gently Mad with Caffeine Candy

Jul 21, 2013



Going gently mad with caffeine candy


You knew it and I did too…!! Yet more evidence, as if more were required, that coffee is GOOD FOR YOU!!

New research suggests that coffee could have an important part to play in therapies focused against neurological disorders…

How does coffee help??

Well apparently, some lucky rabbits were feed Costa and Starbucks espresso for a week or two and hey presto the results are.

That in a typical higher/ western style cholesterol diet – the ‘blood brain barrier’ – which is a filter which protects the central nervous system from potentially harmful chemicals carried around the blood stream – was aided and maintained by the caffeine from coffee.!

Caffeine appears, say the experts, to block several of the disruptive effects of cholesterol that damage the blood brain barrier… and as caffeine is safe and cheap and readily available, it could well have an important role to play in future therapies against neurological disorders

 Now where did I put Monkey? Monkey , Monkey come out where ever you are… ah stuff it – just have a perfetto espresso moment and get back to it later I say….!!

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