Fortress Nespresso

Jun 16, 2013



Fortress Nespresso


Nespresso – Love it or hate it you have to admire it

Beautifully marketed

Fantastically packaged and presented

Authentically performing

Consistent and reliable

It has genuinely brought café culture in home… and in the current recession many of our Mediterranean cousins have welcomed single serve into their homes as a cheaper way to continue enjoying espresso…

In Portugal for example Retail sales are +8% in 2011 whilst AFH sales are down a mirror image 7%

And as far as Nespresso is concerned, the might of the Nestec monolith is firmly focused on continuing the success and profitability of its espresso money-making machine… There are nespresso compatible capsule alternatives too.

For the time being at least, the 1700 patents which have been successfully applied to the system and which are now woven into territorial legal jurisdiction mean that the money making machine will not be closing down any time soon!

The end of the Keurig / GM patent at the end of 2012 has met with little fan fare in the trade. It seems non pressured multi drink systems are considered a lower priority…

However, one thing is for sure, the opportunity of single serve outweighs the risk of a patent infringement ….. Where L’or has succeeded others will follow- and rest assured in a market currently worth $5.7 billion and which will add a further 2 > 3 $ B  by 2016 there are it seems spoils a plenty for all to feast!




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