Fair Trade Espresso Scepticism

Feb 24, 2012



Accredited Espresso

I am not a fan of accredited, ethical, environmental or any other ‘good works’ coffee available in the market place at the moment!

It’s all marketing mumbo jumbo…especially Fair Trade, which is now of course redundant, as coffee has, for nearly the last 2 years, traded well above the minimum price floor which Fair Trade sets for coffee sales

I suppose I am sceptic because of factors such as:

How can an illiterate subsistence farmer complete and pay for the paper work required to join an accreditation system?

Why are so many farms triple certified? To sell to the highest bidder of course… and in the process up the ante regards diminishing supply and increasing demand!

How can so few auditors, who have so many other products to look after, credibly and authoritatively check on welfare standards at the thousands of supposedly accredited farms and cooperatives?

And why oh why do the employees at these organisations never cease to clearly earn well and drive flash cars…what exactly is it that we are paying for?

I could go on and on… and may well do in further blogs…but rest assured this is a well meaning house of cards awaiting a Panorama expose!

Meantime, all forecasts seem to show that accredited coffees will continue to increase in market importance…

By 2015 it is estimated there will be a 6 fold increase in the demand for accredited coffees, which will then account for 20+% of the global coffee production – that’s 30 m bags or more!

The irony is that it is the big boys…Kraft, Nestle and Starbucks which will drive this growth…!
So is this a case of good old fashioned push or pull demand…? Are we paying more for something we don’t really want… and are the roasters making more from it…bet your bottom dollar!

Now, here at Aromo, we do not sell an accredited ESE espresso pod

I don’t think we need to with the market still stubbornly above $2/ Lb and many, many coffee farmers now using good old ‘withholding policies’ to manage market pricing! It smacks of an industry that is quite comfortable and so for the time being we will stay clear of that ‘band wagon’

But tell us dear customers…do you want an ethical accredited ESE pod… and if so which policy do you want / are prepared to pay a premium for? We are all ears !

This article was written by Guru who writes for aromocoffee.co.uk, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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