Fair Espresso – Why ESE Espresso pods are easy on your pocket

Jan 13, 2012



Fair Espresso?

We are not talking about Fair Trade here! That is for another time – but save to say I am not a fan! I think the FLO / Fair Trade institution whilst selling an admirable ideal is simply unable to deliver its promises. Combined with which, in today’s high market place,  the FT ideal is a little lost- origin farmers have rarely been so well paid as at present…..

Nope, the focus of this little ditty is how much should a good espresso cost?

Typical High Street prices are around the £1.99 > £2.49 mark

So let’s assume a 100% Arabica blend (which we would not really recommend for espresso) but it keeps the maths simple…..

NYC yesterday was at c $2.30 / Lb x 2.2046 = $5.07 a kilo / 1.55 (£>$) = £3.30 a kilo

Add 16% for the roast loss (the beans lost whilst cooking) = c £ 3.95 a kilo

Plus the cost to produce and a pack etc of say £1.25 / kilo = £5.25 ish / kilo finished product

To be safe and allow for differentials we’ll agree at £5.50 / kilo

140 shots in a kilo and each beverage has a double shot …allowing for wastage = c 65 shots per kilo =  8.5 p for the coffee in your cappuccino

Yes – plus milk and machine and staff and crockery! But still you can see it’s a money printing machine to have a successful cafe!!

Now compare that to 15 > 25p for an ESE Espresso pod

Always fresh. Always precisely dosed and no mess no fuss and a great range of taste sensations to choose from… it seems to be a no brainer to prepare your morning tipple at home before you start on your commute doesn’t it?

Aromo deliver direct to your door fabulous ESE espresso pods in a range of carefully crafted recipes

We don’t promise to change the world – but with our ESE espresso pods we do promise to supply great tasting fresh espresso to the average coffee addict at a fair price!

This article was written by Aromo Guru for aromocoffee.co.uk, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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