Evening coffee with a Red velvet chocolate cake (hummingbird Bakery cookery book recipe)

Sep 12, 2011


In:coffee pods

Henry just made a dozen hummingbird bakery red velvet chocolate cakes. Yummy! I am drinking a nice cup of  nespresso rosabayba de colombia. This is a really nice fruity medium strong espresso coffee, that I have added some water to make it a longer cup of coffee Рwhat we like to call an americano espresso coffee. I do love these nespresso capsules, and I also like making espresso with easy serving espresso pods, another great way of making a cup of espresso coffee with a traditional espresso coffee machine, rather than the nespresso system. Both are great and work very well. and both go particularly well with a lovely chocolate cake. Perhaps I can get him to make me a coffee cake next!

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