Espresso’s Nemesis?

Feb 15, 2012



Espresso’s Rising Star

The rise of the single serve espresso format continues

News that La Cimbali and United Coffee are to join Nespresso, Lavazza, Tesco/ Krueger K-Fee and the dreadful Kraft Tassimo, offers a clear sign that single serve espresso is here to stay

Interesting also to note that we are now seeing the rise of the professional machine adapted to use a specified capsule…such as the La Cimbali M24 and the soon to be launched Casadio Dafine…..So the Nespresso Cafe may be literally just around the corner very soon!

And with this could we then see the decline of the Barista in all but name and as an agent for frothing milk and waiting tables?

Now I am not a fan of the large corporates and their take on coffee, neither am I a fan of capsules…I simply don’t get the carbon footprint ‘question’, the recyclability ‘clanger’, the lock and key ‘suspicion’ and the physics and patents applied to ensure you buy less coffee for the same drink!

So with this in mind, it is interesting to note how the equipment trader community is now espousing capsules as the new cost effective option vs ground coffee!

Ridiculous really… ok no mess, no waste and no grinder required…but even a premium kilo of coffee at £15 works out to 10 p coffee cost per shot… vs a capsule @ 30p+

Single Serve Espresso is already fabulously served by the ESE Espresso pod… no mess, no fuss, recyclable, always fresh, low carbon foot print… Cinderella will come to the ball…but baristas and aficionados of the coffee world wake up and ‘smell the coffee’ …before it is too late and we find we are all automatons swigging mass produced high margin capsule coffee…!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

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