Espresso Worms

Aug 15, 2012



Not the most inspiring subject for the taste buds of the sampling team here at Aromo…but none the less something we are aware of… Why you may well ask and what kind of worm are we talking about … the ubiquitous earth worm, or some hideous tropical tape worm variety…?

Well rest easy – we are referring here to the Broca worm… A little pest which periodically affects the Colombian crop. Last on the prowl in 1998, the worm loves dry weather… and this is the dichotomy!

It is already forecast that dry weather conditions will boost the 2013 Colombian crop

The flip side is that the pesky pest the Broca will also be encouraged!

The controlling factor is El Nino…. this could well deliver the drier weather predicted and also by default stoke up our little friend the Broca into a breeding and feeding frenzy!

El Nino is a phenomenon of warming of water in the Pacific Ocean, off the west coast of South America. Apparently, this year there is a 65% chance that this will occur, the result being lighter rains and a better crop

Coffee plantations located between 1500m and 1800m (44% of the coffee hectares)  can with stand up to 30 days of sun and no rain….. Whilst it is only 15 days for the 30% of crops located at the lower 1200> 1500m altitude…so it is a fine line, where drought can also swing the balance negatively….

You win some you lose some I suppose…But, I for one, as a big fan of the finer qualities to emerge from Colombia, will not be sad to see the 2013 crop ( forecast at 9 m bags) increase towards the record 12.5m bags from this year’s paltry 7 > 7.5 m bag offering – the more the merrier!

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