Espresso – What is the Final Frontier?

Apr 20, 2012



Beyond espresso what is there?

Aero press perhaps…? Worth tracking down if you haven’t seen it before

(What is Aero press?? A super cool and effective way to enjoy traditional filter coffees – Hot tip… beyond espresso, fine and clean filter remains the next big trend…!)

But would you ever consider Senseo?

Otherwise so beautifully known in the Continental coffee trade as ‘coffee pads’

Oft considered a retro grade step in the annals of coffee service history, the Senseo style soft 62mm pad was the first domestic mass market single serve ‘espresso style ‘coffee unit

OK- it didn’t pump at pressure much more than atmosphere

OK- it produced nothing more than a thick and frothy hard Benelux style brew

OK- the machine was hardly the style statement of 2004 and no one wanted to be the bloke on the telly with the coffee moustache

But it was and is a huge success and for those of us in the coffee trade and the espresso appreciation society, we must recognise the role Senseo has and will play in opening up the beauty of perfetto single serve espresso to so many

Some time ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the chap who invented Senseo!  Marco was an unassuming inventor……Busy not doing much in his untidy office, but imperceptibly pushing the boundaries of coffee and espresso forwards…..he had made and lost his money, but remained upbeat and chipper, as he extolled the virtue of a new tin he had discovered….

With that in mind Monkey is fiddlin’ in the kitchen as we speak, to see if he can bend and cajole his machine into spitting out a 62mm soft pad for you to try…

Not just any old pad – but one in which we really aim to shake up the accepted quality and price norms…!
Push the boundaries Monkey….! Drive the value continuum Monster and don’t forget to tell Buddha Pigsy….!! Time for a quiet ESE hard pod perfetto espresso moment before we have the final frontier melt down!:)

Tell us what you think dear reader…does a new and exciting Aromo Coffee 62mm Senseo style pad offer float your boat…? Should we focus only on easy serve espresso pods ? Answers on a postcard please!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods