Espresso Up, Espresso Down

Dec 9, 2011



Espresso up, or Espresso down?

What’s happening in the coffee market each day, week and month matters to you, because, if the price of green bean goes up, or the USD$ weakens, then the price of your special espresso changes – either up or down!

At Aromo we watch the coffee market each and every minute of every day

…So we know how far forward, or long, we need to buy our special beans for our fabulous easy
serving espresso
, ESE coffee pods. And that is the other part the purchasing trick… not only paying the right price , but getting the same consistent quality of great beans which we demand for our easy serving espresso.

Bounce and Buzz Lite are 100% Arabica ESE espresso pods. For some, the guarantee of 100% Arabica signifies quality…for others, mainly the traditionalists, a little Robusta is essential in espresso. For these customers we proudly roast Bounce and Buzz ESE espresso pods.

London, or LIFFE, where Robusta is traded, is down a little over the course of the last
few months…trading below the $2,000 / MT mark. Similarly, New York (NYC) is also at range lows, trading for nearby positions around 220 c/ Lb…Making it a relative good buy vs this years’ highs!

December is normally a busy coffee trade month, as positions into the New Year are
covered… to date though, we seem to see many roasters covered already into 2012

In terms of news from origin this month –

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) advised their latest estimate for the Indian coffee crop, down 25% year on year at 5.20 m bags.

Vietnam’s Coffee & Cocoa Association (VICOFA) reported that coffee production for the 2011/2012 crop was expected to decline by 3.1% compared to last years’ crop. Vicofa deputy chairman, Nguyen Nam Hai, advised the lower forecast of 1.100 m tonnes, compared to the 1.300 m of last year was due to the impact of unfavourable weather in key growing regions.

Brazil’s largest Exporter (COOXUPE) advised that this years’ crop may be 15% lower due to a very dry winter. Commercial Director, Lucio Dias, reported that output could be as low as 7.30 m bags, down from 10.2 m during 2010/11 crop.  Cooxupe has 12,000 growers and is the world’s largest private cooperative. It was Brazil’s largest exporter in
2010, shipping 1.8 m bags of coffee.

El Salvador’s Coffee Council advised that exports soared in October to 23,081 bags, from the lowly 1,101 bags just a year earlier. Exports rose as the coffee cherries ripened sooner this season. El Salvador is on track to produce a total of 1.42 million bags this year.

And finally – The head of the National Federation of Colombian Coffee growers (FNC) advised that Colombia is heading for a further poor crop during 2011/12, as the combination of very wet weather and lower yields, following the recent re planting programme, peg back production to c 8 m bags… it wasn’t that long ago Colombia was producing 10 > 14 m bags pa!

Monkey is now very bored and demanding his evening Boost…! The beauty of ESE easy serving espresso is that he can do it himself!

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