Espresso Treasure / Espresso Trash

May 23, 2012



One man’s treasure another man’s trash

Espresso – beautiful, emotive, powerful, god given nectar for all to enjoy and in the last five years the subject of much snobbery and ‘internecine’ coffee trade class war fare!

I suppose looking back to the 1990s the coffee trade was rife for change…

Dominated for too long by the aging class of the 1950’s school tie brigade and the 1970s and 1980s professional managing directors, coffee as a living entity had lost its way…

The corporate marketers had produced hundreds of new products and supporting promotional advertisements – all of which had been written, designed and approved by a committee with the last vestiges of sparkle and interest reduced, mitigated and eroded…coffee had become Nescafe Gold Blend boring

And yet, from this low of consumer awareness, something new arose…not from these shores, but from West Coast USA… the gourmet coffee trend rode a Starsky and Hutch style wave through the UK high Street and enabled many middle class wannabes, who had lost their way in the Cool Britannia end of Millennium last hurrah, to find new meaning and an audience ready to listen to their every word

But has the pendulum now swung too far …? Have the ebb and the flow and ying and the yang lost their natural balance…?

I think so and mark this – A change is coming – one which will see the bull crap of recent  years  washed away by something simpler and purer

Case in point – a recent article in ‘The Guardian’ about how to make the prefect espresso….to some a seminal high, worthy and educational to the many coffee apostles…to others, perhaps the sign of Elvis mid 1976 in Vegas… over weight , punch drunk and ready to fart and fade

All and any human has ‘cheffing instinct’ and all and any human instinct is no more or less valid than the other – coffee and especially espresso is a great case in point because it is the ultimate leveller… the fact that a club once open to all now bends and creaks under  ‘sheer coffee geekery (which) has me feeling out of my depth’ ( quote the Guardian’s Reporter) is no positive sign….its the signal of imminent cardiac arrest…

Instead of Kraft mid 1990s plugging ‘Rapport’ and Nescafe’s Gold Blend couple, we now have a new god…all hail the self serving and self appointed coffee expert!

Still purpounding the basic attributes of perfetto espresso – temperature, cleanliness, pressure, recipe etc… But for the millionth time dressed up in the kings new clothes – you know the ones that nobody dare tell the King about??

Whose gonna laugh first … a nervous cough, a faint  stammer of bubbling ridicule, is all it will take for this flim flam to  be washed away….?

Come on… as a starter for ten the heretic that I am I have ‘Big Brothered’ a recent trade article quote …guess which bits I added!

“Ultimately you (don’t) need a fancy machine at home if you really want a fantastic morning caffeine shot. Ultimately, you (don’t)  have to get a bit geeky” …..simply relax and enjoy perfetto ESE easy serve espresso and fine Senseo filter coffee pods …no rules, regulations or geekery here please!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of Senseo coffee pads and 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods