Espresso – The New Health Kick

Nov 15, 2011



Espresso supplies more than just a fabulous tasting experience and wonderful crema

It is also the no 1 source of antioxidant in the diets of most of those in the developed world

In the typical US diet, coffee where decaffeinated or not, contributes more than 4 times the antioxidant delivered by the consumption of tea/ banana/ beans / apples and tomatoes

And in a similar Norwegian study 64% of daily antioxidant intake was derived from coffee

Many other foodstuffs have higher antioxidant levels per serving – but it is the increased consumption rate of coffee which puts it top of the health promoting list

Besides also keeping you awake and alert great espresso coffee can also protect against liver and colon cancer/ type 2 diabetes / Parkinson’s disease and even cataracts and gallstones

The good bit in your espresso is the chlorogenic acid – which is made up of caffeic acid and quinic acid

And it is indeed espresso which is the best type of coffee to drink… as the antioxidant benefit is highest in medium to dark roasted coffees which contain Robusta… and as we all know the best espressos match this recipe closely

So once again Guru is able to tell you enjoy your fabulous aromo Easy Serving Espresso pods…safe in the knowledge that this superb espresso not only tastes good but is also doing you good….!

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