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Feb 20, 2012



Cafe Culture at Home

We are addicted!

Despite the credit crunch, one in ten of us purchases a gourmet coffee every day and four in ten of us are visiting gourmet cafes more regularly than we did last year – The result is, that since 2005, the  UK Gourmet coffee market has doubled in size to nearly £2.5 b pa.

We have got used to enjoying our Flat White, Cappuccino or Skinny Latte and paying £3 or more for the privilege…the result of this is that our drinking habits at home are now also changing.

Gone are Gareth Hunt and Joanna Lumley with the Nescafe Red instant! Today – single serve espresso is on the rise.

Capsule systems, such as Nespresso, are a lifestyle statement which many of us cannot survive without…delivering fresh, gourmet style coffees at home, whenever we please….

However, for the real coffee and espresso connoisseur, capsule systems are simply not sufficiently authentic… and mass market homogenisation and standardisation means the cache of ownership is now diminished.

Those attuned to the rise of the grow your own ‘Good Life’ and ‘River Cottage’  counter culture, together with the growing army of part time coffee aficionados, are now shunning capsules and instead opting for the more environmentally friendly ESE ( Easy Serving Espresso)pod systems available.

The difference between a pod and a capsule is that a capsule is a small, milk jigger type ’pot’, made from plastic and aluminium … a pod on the other had is a hard disc of coffee similar to a tea bag

The ESE pod is portion packed, guaranteed fresh and delivers a simple and easy no mess, no fuss environmentally conscious route to perfetto espresso.

Commercialised by the consummate Dr Illy some 25 years ago, the ESE pod is a beautiful example of both form and function… and more importantly it is an industry standard which will fit a myriad array of table top espresso machines – many of which are unique and inspiring style statements

Take for example the seminal Francis Francis x1 > x7

Or the startlingly beautiful Bugatti Diva:


 And The Saeco ‘Spike’ or Etiene Louis:

 And compare this to Corporate Boxes such as this:

 Individual style and substance meet form and function with the ESE pod

Simple, yet devastatingly effective, with a tiny carbon foot print, today’s discerning espresso fashionista chooses the ESE Easy Serving Espresso pod…one espresso pod…many style statements

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

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