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Jan 4, 2013



The Band Wagon is full – Helpful advice from the big boys!


‘The coffee industry risks running short of beans….. if it does not promote more sustainable farming methods!!”


This helpful advice was recently given by the head of Kraft Foods, now renamed Mondelez, which purchases 6% of global coffee supply….

Ironic for a company, which no longer calls itself a coffee company, rather a confectionary player, after the recent acquisition of Cadbury!

And confusing advice, as most would agree that it is the behemoth that is itself making the very trouble it is warning us of…

Mondelez has pledged to source 65% of its European coffee from “sustainable” farms by 2013 and all of it by 2015, up from about 40 percent now

This promise was made because a few years back, when, Mondelez advises, there was a surplus of sustainable coffee and therefore the sustainability of sustainable coffee was therefore at risk!

I love the backwards logic here…!


In a market where 10 > 13 % of global supply is accredited, we have the unusual situation of a major player advising of a shortage which will be driven by their actions…

Coffee takes a minimum of 4 years to grow and to produce a harvest, accreditations can take some years to achieve  – Viz Organic – Whereas, changing a pack label and managing an advertising and PR plan will take even for the fattest of corporates perhaps 12 months to push and prod into place

Hence the irony of the biggest tanker of them all advising that they are on course to hoover up all sustainable beans by 2015


This means prices will go up and it also means that farmers will move to coffee production- good on the one hand as players like Neumann believe that by 20220 world supply will need to be c 170 m bags, but it also means that supplies of other grains, maize and oil will be hit again- therefore pushing prices up for retail confectionery and snacks ( the new focus for Mondelez!)

And at the centre of this web – the big corporates – shape shifting , changing names and tweaking strategies…In a Star-wars style epiphany we see the folly of letting the big boys get just that little bit too big… 🙁

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