Espresso – One hump or two?

Mar 13, 2012



There is no accounting for taste that is sure…

And within the world of coffee there are many taste idiosyncrasies…

Blend, roast, sugar, half fat, skimmed or soya milk, syrups, the options list goes on….

I suppose this never ending menu of service and flavour alternatives, signifies that we are all individuals and demand our own personal experience… that’s no bad thing

And then occasionally, a new taste craze comes along and shocks you!

Just the other day Guru heard of a growing cafe chain in Dubai creatively called ‘Cafe2Go’ (!!)

They offer camel milk as an option for your skinny latte or flat white… gulp!

Cafe2Go is the brainchild of local business man, Jasem Al Bastaki and the single unit is located in the Al Murooj Rotana complex… there are plans for 6 cafes by year end


Apparently, camel milk is low in fat, high in vitamin ’c’, mild and easy on the stomach and has anti ageing properties…I particularly like the last benefit! So could it be a hit?

Well, there are apparently 5000 camels in the US, which are kept specifically for their milk… which is considered a whole food, lower in cholesterol and lactose and higher in magnesium, iron and potassium than cow’s milk….but to be honest who knows and who cares eh?!

I like my espresso unmolested…black and with a rich and luxuriant crema not smothered in milk, froth, whipped cream and syrups…. you cannot gild a Lilly and you cannot improve upon perfection!

And that ladies and gentlemen is quite simply what an ESE espresso pod is… a perfect example of form and function working in unison, to deliver fabulous easy serving espresso at the push of a button – fresh, no mess and no fuss ESE Pod perfetto espresso!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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