Espresso Lift Off!

Jan 23, 2012



We have Espresso Lift Off!

Coffee is popular… and espresso very popular if Cafe Culture is anything to go by

And it seems that as the global economy delivers new economic wealth, to emerging commercial territories, that ESE espresso / coffee demand and consumption will increase too

I have seen a recent report which places green bean production in the current year at c 132.5 m bags of 60 kilo

Bearing in mind that we are currently in a supply > demand equilibrium, this is ok…!

But when you consider that growth to 2020 is forecast to require c 169 m bags you can see the shortfall!

To put it into context, an extra c 37m bags of green coffee ( @ 60 kilo per bag) equates to a further 2.2 million tonnes of green coffee….at a typical roast loss this is 1.8 million tonnes of  roasted coffee, which equates to –

c 260 billion new cups of coffee consumed annually ( at 7 g a cup)! WOW!

Where is this coffee going to come from..? Hopefully, better farm management which delivers new efficiencies, as well as improved husbandry technology, new varietals and possibly increased growing areas in existing territories…However, whether the forecast gap can be bridged is a subject for much debate in the coffee community

And in terms of where the growth will come from? Well 5% is forecast in Eastern Europe and CIS countries / 4.5% in the Middle East and 4% in Asia and Oceania as well as South America

Small percentages – but when annualised across a huge market (remember coffee is the world’s second largest traded commodity after oil) the figures start to scale up very quickly!

One thing is for sure, the rise of espresso, as the heart of a gourmet coffee menu, will continue and with that we can expect new single serve espresso systems to emerge

Surely though, none will have quite the simplicity and be as ‘fit for purpose’ as the ESE Easy Serving Espresso pod?

An extra 260b capsules going to land fill each year makes you shudder vs all those handy, beautifully formed ESE espresso pods, each producing perfetto espresso and then gracefully going into composters worldwide!

This article was written by Aromo Guru for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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