Espresso Jugglery

Dec 29, 2012



Nothing new- just the same old same old of less for more!!

Shock horror- reports have reached the Aromo team that  ‘roasters have been mixing high-priced Robusta’s with low cost Arabica’s while retailing it to customers. …’

Yes you read that correctly – good quality Robusta blends have been adulterated with low priced poor quality Arabica!!

This could only be India – where through such blend ’jugglery’ roasters have maintained stable coffee retail prices despite rising Robusta prices

“Currently, we have been juggling inputs without hiking the selling price.

“By doing it, we are well within the price band to retain customers and sales,” said R. Srikanth Rao, Director, Bayar’s Coffee.


Meantime, in the US, of all the big roasters, only  Segfaredo had the guts to recently confirm that it had reviewed and re-blended certain of its recipes to include cheaper Robusta in an effort to maintain price points and margins

Now’t as strange as folk eh? And I can’t help but smile, as our friends in the Asian sub continent use all the expensive Robusta and the cheap Arabica, whilst our friends in the US of A use all the cheap Robusta and expensive Arabica!

It seems the perfect time to be either a large plantation owner or green bean trader- two markets both growing and both wanting the same results from the same BUT completely differing quality raw materials

No wonder the Brazilians continue with their central government funded and financed retention policies!!!


Awaiting the return of +$1.75 / Lb prices and perhaps even the nirvana of more than $2 / lb!! This despite a + 50m bag coffee crop this year and lessons learnt from the retention of grains which has delivered mixed and patchy success!

Economics and pure simple enjoyment and indulgence never were easy bed fellows!

We simple folk here at Aromo wish you a wonderful 2013 and here’s hoping to continued simple pleasures such as perfetto espresso!


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