Espresso Insomnia

Apr 5, 2012



Espresso Insomnia

Guru stumbled across one of those pieces of research that you see occasionally…

You know the ones which rather than supporting, confirming or questioning a long held belief or query,  simply raise the singular thought of  ’who on earth thought that needed investigating’ or even ‘why bother’?

Well praise the lord because a Brazilian research team can now confirm:

“Coffee Drinking in Pregnancy Won’t Lead to a Sleepless Baby”

A Dr. Ina Santos, of the postgraduate program in epidemiology at the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil, has conducted research analysing the sleeping patterns of 4,200 infants, from birth to 3 months, based upon the caffeine consumption habits of their mothers both before and after delivery

No disrespect to these worthy researchers but the following quote had me tittering over my key board:

‘The authors noted that it is very common for newborns to experience night-time awakenings, and that caffeine consumption has long been linked to sleep disruption and insomnia among adult drinker’

Phew- now slow on down there sonny or you might just cotton pickin’ loose me!

What? Where is the new finding or insight here then??!

Time for a perfetto espresso moment as delivered by an Aromo ESE pod…

No mess, no fuss and fresh each and every time… with caffeine guaranteed – unless you opt for our decaffeinated lite option.

Simply pour and enjoy and leave the fretting and the research for researches sake to those other experts!


Guru, otherwise known as Andy, loves and enjoys drinking 44mm ESE Easy Serving Espresso Pods

Have a Happy Easter!


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