Espresso Hell – Send it BACK!

Feb 6, 2012



Send It back!!

One of the beauties of the ESE espresso pod is that the product is always fresh

This means, that as long as you, the user, fulfil your part of the ‘bargain’ and have a clean machine, which is operating at the right temperature and pressure, then a perfetto espresso with a luxuriant and wonderfully think crema is guaranteed

How many times have we all, as consumers, made do with second best… a lack lustre, uninspiring and insipid small black coffee arrives, with just the faintest and saddest whips of a long lost crema…an espresso clearly past its best, unloved and unwanted…the vibrancy gone ….

Well don’t settle for second best – SEND IT BACK!! And ask the barista to make you a proper espresso with CREMA…if he doesn’t, then either his product is stale, or his machine is at the wrong temperature or not pumping at sufficient pressure

Guru had the pleasure of dining with a beautiful woman this last weekend (his wife!) and at the end of a great meal a sad and sorry espresso arrived… Gian Carlo, the lovely maitre de took one look at the sad little thing languishing in the cup …it made us both feel forlorn…but at £4-10 a shot (WHAT!!) you better believe I sent it back and hey presto something half decent was promptly returned

The ESE espresso pod is a must have in any decent cafe…. saving time, wastage and ensuring consumers are always delighted… It seems often the simplest things are right in front of our noses and yet we continue to ignore beauty in simplicity

Try Aromo’s ESE Easy serving espresso pods and join the converts!

This article was written by Guru at, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

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