Espresso – Good, Bad and Ugly

Apr 9, 2012



Bad Taste Espresso Awards

The good the bad and the ugly this week!

Now I know that the British are an ingenious and inventive race…BUT… dear reader, we can lay no claim to the invention of espresso… and have added little of any note to the current coffee world its myriad trends and crazes!

Unless of course you include allowing scheming marketers at large corporate factories to foist upon us such horrendous crimes against taste and decency as Kenco Rapport/ Kenco Really Smooth and of course arch enemy No1 Nestle Gold Blend!

Having said that my colleagues Monkey and Monster have this week challenged my assumptions on both counts!

First off, Monkey seems to think that the horrendous Keurig K- Cup portfolio, as peddled for example by Shoffee, of sticky, sometimes soluble, artificially flavoured coffee style gunk, is something that both he and the wider world at large has been desperately waiting for!!

Here are some of the most offense product descriptors and taste sensations – In reverse order of course!

At No.5 in the bad taste espresso awards – Island Coconut

At No. 4 in the bad taste espresso awards – Jamaica me Crazy

At No. 3 in the bad taste espresso awards – Fair Trade (Can you believe it!!) Ginger bread

At No. 2 in the bad taste espresso awards – Hawaiian Hazelnut

And at No. 1 in the bad taste espresso awards – Glazed Chocolate Donut

Now then – I am not normally squeamish but some of these monstrosities should clearly be banned if only on the basis of common decency me thinks!! 🙂

OR- we could, moving on to Monster’s contribution to world progress this week,  try and prepare these espresso master pieces using his suggestion for a cheap and simple ESE pod filter basket adaptor

Wait for it!

I give you the ‘Keep it Handy Sink and bath Strainer’ Two for only £1.27!!

Could work – don’t try it at home though!! Let me get Monkey to blow up his brewer first!

Meantime let me enjoy a perfetto espresso moment with the simplest of simple inventions and pleasures… an ESE pod… giving me easy serving espresso pleasure at the flip of a switch!

This article was written by Guru for the UK’s number one retailerof ESE  pods /  44mm easy serving espresso pods

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