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Feb 7, 2012



Espresso at Home – A glimpse into the future

The portioned single serve espresso market is today valued in Europe alone at c 3.5 > 4 B € pa

It is big and growing at c 10 > 15 % CAGR

In the last five years or so, a shift has taken place in terms of domestic coffee consumption and single serve espresso has been the major beneficiary of this change

What has driven this period of dynamism in the domestic market?

Most importantly – Away from home cafe culture has been brought in home due to the recession

Per cup price points in the retail market place have also changed our understanding and acceptance of what constitutes fair value for a gourmet beverage experience

The espresso lifestyle is aspirational – Mediterranean/ sexy / young / fresh and vibrant and the new wave of machines are decor items we are proud to display in our kitchens

We are now much more brand value driven – Conspicuous consumption is the new king and espresso finds itself right time and right place!

Consumer demands for Health & Wellness also mean that Single ( ESE Pod) portion, fresh, controlled and consistent quality espresso is on trend

The new machine offerings are simple to use – deskilling means we can be our own barista and perform well!

So, single serve espresso is growing in popularity… and nothing exemplifies this more than the fact that in the EU +75% of all domestic espresso / coffee machines sold are priced at below 200€

And that in the French market alone, the retail price of a typical domestic espresso machine has fallen from 450€ in 2006 to c 100€ today

Why? Because the single serve suppliers realise the margin is not in the machine…(but that largely we will be sold on the lifestyle statement the machine makes)….. But in the capsule- simple!

Subsequently, the typical price of a single serve espresso at home has increased from 15 > 20 p for a ESE pod to 35 > 50p for a branded capsule

What is on trend now for single serve machines and what of the future… think young, trendy and avant garde as manufacturers try ever harder to differentiate their wares!

I personally love these three new or concept machines… all are ESE pod or variant thereof compatible and set the path in terms of design parameters and standards for others to follow:

So Single serve espresso and the ESE pod is here to stay…good news for Monkey who is still busy in the kitchen packing your Aromo ESE pod orders!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods



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