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Mar 7, 2012



Keep the Espresso Faith

In today’s consumer society we are driven more than ever by quality and provenance

Designer labels, quality statements and credible brand ‘back stories’ add to the perceived value and levels of post cognitive dissonance achieved whilst indulging in some retail therapy

Similarly, with coffee we are largely reliant upon the expertise and honesty of the re seller (or end unit cafe) to confirm that:

a)      We are indeed drinking the coffee recipe and particular origin mix that has been specified

b)      The Arabica / Robusta content specified

c)        The beverage we are drinking has the promised  / specific taste and performance characteristics

d)      That the coffees brewed are indeed subject to the stringent rules of the ethical accreditation advertised

I raise this point only because this is a ‘grey area’ for your typical Trading Standards crew

They simply do not have either the training or expertise to be able to distinguish Colombian from Kenyan or Brazilian, or a high or low Robusta content coffee, yet alone to be able to know if the coffees served are indeed 100% Fair Trade or RFA certified

I hasten to add at this stage, that there are many, many, honest and faithful operators in the coffee trade…it is not in the main a business of smoke and mirrors…I pose only the question of how do you know  the precise provenance of what is being served?

Well the accredited systems will tell you they audit the factory that supplies the re seller – great – but who audits the re seller?

The cafe will tell you that they have been sold a pre roasted recipe guaranteed to be XYZ – Brilliant, but who has specified and audited this blend?
As we know original coffees vary widely in price…not only may you not be getting what you asked for, you may also be paying way over the odds!

The rise of these farms which offer coffee connoisseurs the ability to lease their own plants and therefore grow their own beans is a case in point…such a system operates without any legal boundaries or controls… we are at the whim of the good and honest nature of the sales person…

So- ultimately unless you know an excellent taster and spitter, as we happen to do – Yoda – who has over 50 years trade expertise and has forgotten more than we have ever learnt…or unless, you are able to devise a DNA testing procedure to prove green bean provenance (much as the big retailers now do with basmati rice and other origin specified products) then you pays your money and you takes your choice!

As I say,  we at Aromo are very lucky have the services of Yoda…no one mucks with him and this means you can rest assured that the origins which we say are in our glamorous and deliciously fresh ESE Espresso pods are indeed to be found in each and every espresso pod we sell and you enjoy!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

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