Espresso Death!

Jan 27, 2012



Death by 156 Espressos!!

Monkey and I were chatting the other day in the kitchen – how many espressos would kill you we asked?

Well after a bit of desk research, I came across a site ( Energy Fiend) which reckons that at 80 kilos in weight it would take 156.3 espressos to ‘put me down’!

That’s lot of ESE coffee pods…as that’s all I drink!

But I am not sure that Monkey could cope with all the washing up… or unwrapping 156 ESE pod packs….having said that my composter could easily handle 156 ESE espresso pods! Ahhh the pros and cons eh?

Espresso (and ESE Pods)  typically delivers c 70 > 80 mg of caffeine per 7 g shot – however this can vary hugely!

A recent survey by The Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology in Australia discovered from 97 espressos a caffeine content range of 25 > 214 mg per serving!

This variance may well be due to size ( Fl oz / ml) of espresso poured, as well as how long and intense the extraction process is (pressure and heat) …but will also be subject to the espresso recipe, as typically, Robusta beans contain up to c 50% more caffeine than their Arabica cousins…

Still when you consider that …..

A Typical Red Bull contains 80 mg of caffeine

A Relentless Energy Drink 160 mg

And a Starbucks Grande cafe 330 mg!

…..You start to realise that a single and perfect espresso is bordering on health tonic territory….!

On top of which – ESE espresso, as it is a single, portion controlled shot, guarantees to help you remain slim and svelte, at only c 10 calories a pop, it is nectar from heaven!

Take on a cappuccino though and you are consuming c 150 calories , a latte provides c 200 calories and a Mocha perhaps 350 calories… all for a 10 > 12 oz shot…

My advice stick with plain espresso… and of course enjoy your perfetto espresso the simple, no mess, no fuss way with ESE Easy Serving Espresso pods….if  however you have to drink frothy coffee…then run around the kitchen whilst its brewing… calorie neutral indulgence here we come!

This article was written by Aromo Guru for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods



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