Espresso Currency

Aug 6, 2012



Would you credit it? Apparently, each and every day £12.1m worth of goods are stolen by shoplifters…!

That adds to an unbelievable £4.4 b pa… with each ‘theft spree’ cashing in to the tune of £93, that means that there are over 130,000 acts of shop lifting conducted each day…! WOW!

The psychologists out there will know that shop lifting is all about ‘getting something for nothing’ whether that need be generated as a ‘substitute for loss’… as some sort of ’justified payback’…. or as a simple ‘relief mechanism’…  and whilst 70% of shoplifters insist that they didn’t plan on stealing goods when they first entered the store, it still means that 30% of thefts are conducted by a hard core intent upon achieving maximum value for the risks incurred

‘Maximum value’ usually meant high price items such as designer clothing, smart phone and expensive fragrances. But with the continued onslaught of the credit crunch, as well as an ingrained drug culture taking ever deeper root in our towns and cities, the focus of the shop lifter has not only refocused on traditional ‘low fruit’ options such as choice cuts of meat, razor blades and alcohol…but believe it or not, an officer in the Glasgow constabulary advises me, retail coffee is now also a highly sought after commodity

I suppose it is no surprise when you consider in store security is still focussed on the aisles with the booze, electric gadgetry and razor blades and when you consider that today in Tesco’s a 200g jar of ‘Gold Blend’ retails for £6.48…

What this gets on the black market Guru doesn’t know…but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work out that not many sales would be required to fund a ‘hit’

Sounds all a bit too farfetched to be true…? Then look at the recent case in Maryland USA where a shoplifter was caught trying to wheel off with 20 bottles of $15 ‘Tide’ washing detergent for onward sale on the internet and at flea markets…

Sometimes it really is a sad old life eh…? We simple humans all too easily lose sight of the true priorities – Keep it simple, keep it grounded and enjoy authentic experiences when and where ever they are presented:)

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