Espresso cods wallop

Feb 14, 2012



‘Nine Bean’ – Short hand for Espresso ‘cods wallop’

I have just been ‘introduced’ to perhaps one of the most ridiculous espresso products of the year – a monstrosity called ‘Nine Bean’

And guess what, it is an artisan espresso blend which contains nine different original coffees…good marketing eh?

To what purpose – to what effect – WHY??!

As Will Shakespeare quite aptly said in ‘As you Like it’…’Can one desire too much of a good thing?’

Well – the dictionary definition for too much of a good thing is that ‘excess may do harm’… and if ever there was a case in point this is one of ‘em!

Why for example, would you buy a Bugatti Veyron and the pimp it with go faster stripes, a chrome exhaust finisher, those funny flap things you put on your windscreen wipers and a rubber strip hanging from the rear end with a reflector?!

It simply doesn’t make any sense to any reasonable mind and to the half educated, indeed smacks of a complete and utter lack of appreciation and understanding for the singular beauty of the original form…

Espresso is indeed a thing of beauty…get it wrong and it is dull, uninspiring and insipid…get it right and ‘Mama Mia’…it is a thing of wondrous beauty and magical enjoyment!

Nine Beans ‘secret recipe’ is – Brazilian, Colombian, Honduran, El Salvador, Indian Mysore, Ethiopian Sidamo and Djimmah, Sumatran, and a Papua New Guinea robusta…. such a recipe clearly illustrates, like going to a Royal Garden party in a Shell Suit, a complete and utter lack of understanding…. in this case of the basics of Flavour Families and blend construction….if in doubt put the kitchen sink in too…..! 🙂

One chink of hope for the perpetrators of this heinous crime, is that 9 pence from each and every 250g pot sold goes to a charity called ‘Special Effect’, which works to help people with disabilities enjoy computer games as part of rehabilitation activities…. good news…until you realise that 250g retails at a whopping £14-99 or £60 / Kilo!!

The margin must be huge- how very generous therefore to donate 0.6% of the retail price to charity…Hmmmm…..

Keep it simple stupid! A basic lesson in producing and delivering perfection…. and in this vein the ESE espresso pod is a case in point. Commercialised by Mr Illy, the ESE pod works… simply, easily, no mess no fuss, no waste and minimal carbon foot print …. Aromo are proud purveyors of fabulous and simple espresso recipes, carefully wrapped in a 44mm ESE pod, so you can enjoy your perfetto espresso moment and then get on with life….!

This article was written by Guru at, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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