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Apr 6, 2012



Provenance – An age old espresso chestnut

Interesting facts and figures were out and about in the trade last week, which showed amongst other things, that 60% of Peruvian exports in February were sent to Colombia

Now the Peruvian crop is not yet in full swing, with harvesting not starting for the new crop until February / March…but still, on the basis that this season’s Colombian crop is due to be an unmitigated disaster, at 6 > 6.5 m bags, it is interesting and perhaps perturbing to note that Peru is exporting so much coffee to Colombia

If only because Peru is within the Central American/ Colombian flavour family

Both are washed coffees etc

Both trade at hugely varying differentials… A good Peru today level money / A good Colombian today +30 c / Lb

Doesn’t take a rocket scantiest to work out what could well happen does it?

Yes- great news, that in the future we are told of Colombian provinces such as Huila which will be crucial in helping Colombia recover its historic output levels, which have been battered by torrential rains, a fungus outbreak, and a coffee renovation program that was a disaster

More perturbing in the meantime, is to wander exactly what is in my cup of Colombian that I enjoy each morning and to know that really there is NO scientific way at the moment to categorically identify  one original coffee vs another

OK there is a shaky and flaky isotopic tool which allows variances from bedrocks and soils to be identified and there are also tools which enable coffees to be broadly  identified by the latitude and altitude at which they have been cultivated… but none of these tools enable the average coffee drinker-  coffee roaster – coffee buyer to be completely assured of provenance

And potentially this trace ability and assurance of provenance and variety is set to get worse, as new syntheses of hybrid arabica and robusta plants are introduced

Perhaps DNA could be the way forward?  Who knows at this moment?! Phew! Well, what I do know is I need a quiet moment with my perfetto ESE espresso

Aromo the quintessence of of great tasting , simple and fresh easy serving espresso…in a world of increasing complexity, let’s keep it simple eh?

Guru Andy writes for the United Kingdom’s top supplier of ESE pods / 44 mm easy serving espresso pods



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