Espresso Cafe Culture in the Valleys

Jun 22, 2013



Welsh Espresso Café Culture? Is there such a phenomena?

Well according to Dreyfus commodity analyst’s slaving away in the Middle and Far East, the oft-maligned Welsh do indeed have a unique take on espresso café culture! So they advise in a recent news bulletin!

A ‘Bracchi’ is they advise the  local nickname given to Italian Cafes in South Wales  – well would you believe it eh?

The article elucidates us further by advising that Bracchi’s are places frequented..

“…. After the dances, where revelers enjoy a frothy coffee and maybe a steamed pie…”


‘The bracchi also introduced ice cream to Wales, as well as lined-up formica tables…”


And the inspiration for this hoot worthy information down load…is the fact that the Waterloo Tea Garden in Cardiff has recently been named as one of the 50 best coffee shops in the UK and therefore is now a proudsign …or perhaps a small and annoying thorn in the sides of the amorphous Costa and Starbucks!

Well-done Waterloo Tea Gardens we say!!

The owner suggests coffee shops are replacing pubs as the social space for ‘get togethers ’ indeed a sad reflection of the times we live in – and this despite my great love of coffea arabica!

Similarly, the owner of the Time Coffee bar in Carmarthen, proudly advises that

‘Until a few years ago, we still had a jar of Nescafé under the counter’….

Best place to keep that stuff we say – out of sight and out of mind !!  Tally ho!!


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