Espresso by Committee

Apr 13, 2012



The old adage is correct you simply can’t make an informed and effective decision by committee

So why then does the coffee industry believe that the ESE Easy serving espresso pod will be better served by the creation of a ‘top table’ or E.S.E Consortium goodness alone knows!

The reality is, that with an admission fee of 3,533€ and an annual membership fee of 15,000€ (Plus tax @ 21% for a minimum of 3 years continuous membership) only the big boys can afford to join…All of this immediately smacks of an old boyz club and the right tie doesn’t it?

And when you then see who the members are of this small and exclusive club of 13 are you then start to understand the sub text to this club !

Kraft Foods



Sarah Lee

Yes,  these are the corporate chaps currently spending vast marketing funds pushing their own lock and key capsule systems…nothing therefore to do with the humble and yet beautiful ESE pod

ESE, or Easy Serving Espresso pods, are simply a fabulously convenient and simple way to make great tasting espresso, with no mess and no fuss!

Originally, the hard pod was patented in 1959 by K. Cyrus Melikian of Automatic Brewers And Coffee Devices, Inc (USA) and was commercialised by Illy and re-introduced in 1989 as the ESE pod – an industry standard for great espresso


None of these large corporates sell an ESE pod so why are they Consortium members?

Well the cynic in me is reminded of the saying ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’

The corporate boys want to keep the ESE pod in the ‘marketing shadows’, whilst they flog their aluminium and plastic horrors to unsuspecting general public!

So what better way than to sit at the heart of an organisation propounding to support and drive the adoption and growth of the ESE pod…good one eh?!

The reality is that the ESE pod is a cheaper, simpler, cleaner, fresher, lower carbon foot print completely recyclable method of preparing great espresso

It is however not lock and key –  it can be supplied by anyone who has equipment capable of making a 44mm hard pod and therefore cannot command a significant price premium

And after all that’s what the new wave of single serve espresso is all about – margin and bigger profits!

Funny and a little bit sad isn’t it to compare this current shambles to the collaborative and open way in which espresso itself was invented, fine tuned and loved by the original industry some 100 years ago?

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

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