Espresso Breakfast with a Floating Monkey ??!

Mar 2, 2012



Espresso breakfast with a Monkey

Breakfast in the Aromo house hold can be a bit of an unusual and banal experience

This morning’s topic of conversation was why coffee pots are tall and tea pots squat?

Well, when boiling water is poured over freshly ground coffee, the grounds float in a flat mass of bubbles… whereas, when boiling water is poured over tea leaves, the leaves sink and settle at the bottom of the pot

Hence the saying coffee floats and tea sinks

Both need a good old stir…but especially coffee, which if simply left to float in your French press, will not brew properly… and this has been the age old problem for both basic coffee brewing and particularly espresso – how do you brew and extract the wonderful bits of this good given gift?

Coffee pots are tall because with most of the grounds floating on the top, when the pot is tipped fewer grounds end up in the cup… equally, a typical coffee pot has an angle of repose from the handle of about 45 degrees when in the pouring position – again minimising those grounds which make their way from the bottom of the pot into the cup

Conversely, a tea pot is squat, so that the larger base area allows the tea leaves to sit and infuse more readily…making a stronger, fuller cup of tea

Tea pots are also so designed that when poured the tea leaves fall towards the spout.. ..Allowing the liquid to pass through the leaves again….. Lifting the tea essence….but hopefully leaving the leaves in the tea pot spout filter

So there you have it…! And as you can imagine after all that complicated debate Monkey and I opted for an ESE  espresso pod…perfetto espresso each and every time with no mess and no fuss… ahhh ESE espresso as good as it gets me thinks!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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