Espresso Boogie Nights

Jul 10, 2012



I lead a sheltered life here on the hinterland of the Cotswold escarpment!

As do my ‘umble colleagues Monkey and Monster…..So imagine our shock and trepidation when we read that Coffea Arabica and his lesser known sister Coffea Canephora, had been implicated in some soft porn web of deception and deceit!

It all grew innocuously enough from a little article reported in the ‘Indian Express’ recently that suggested caffeine can help muscles stay stronger for longer!

Now many men will of course have fallen upon those dodgy web sites which offer superlative creams and gels to guarantee a ‘thoroughbred performance’… and of course caffeine is a key ingredient in many such potions!

So quite what was the purpose of the aforementioned article…? Where was the new news, or was this simply a late comer to the traditional April fool’s day malarkey?

Well apparently, this story is down to a team at Coventry University…..Yes, they have been sent there on purpose, but have now escaped to advise us that as the human body ages, muscles become weaker!

This phenomenon is known as ‘Sarcopenia’

Seriously though – For many elderly folk this is an alarming problem, but one for which help may be around the corner… ‘Because Caffeine boosts power in older muscles, and acts as a stimulant to aid elderly people maintain their strength, reducing the incidence of falls and injuries’

Perhaps caffeine, then, could make ailing, older muscles exert more force and thus help keep the muscles stronger longer? Well tests show that the improvement in muscle performance varied with age – Typical eh??!

The younger mice used in the test benefitted from a 6% performance enhancement, the older mice 2%. Well, is it some miracle of caffeine, or is simply that caffeine ‘cues up’ the nervous system and therefore makes a better job of telling muscles what to do?!

Time for a perfetto espresso, or a fabulous filter, whilst Monkey, Monster and I refer to our back copies of ‘Fiesta’ for reference material and of course reader’s wives inspiration  -1970s style!!


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