Espresso – Engineering Excellence ?

Dec 16, 2011



Espresso- Gold / Silver or Bronze?

Whilst an ESE pod can ensure you always receive a fresh and aromatic espresso – The quality of your espresso liquor can be highly variable and no more so than at a time of a high market

Although the NYC is down over this week to c 215 c / lb, it is still historically high and in such a climate roasters often become ‘adventurous’ with flavour families

A flavour family is really nothing more than a basket of green beans, from different origins, which taste and perform in a similar way

An easy example, would be a Colombian tasting like a cheaper Central American Grade 1, such as a Guatemalan coffee

However, as economic pressures mount, flavour families have become extended… and so within the Colombian or Centrals basket you may now find (especially for non accredited coffees) East African Burundi or even Vietnam Arabica! Now there is nothing wrong with these beans…but the reality is that you the customer expect to get what you think you are paying for…..not a facsimile

Having said that Vietnam and Burundi could work quite well in a cheaper ESE espresso pod…perhaps some ideas for Monkey and Monster to think about there…!

I will write more on flavour families in another blog… but I mention this only because blend engineering is nothing new!

Espresso coffee originates from the Southern Mediterranean territories of Europe…  Italy lays the biggest claim to be the home of espresso…but Portugal / Spain and even Austria can also proudly point to a historical espresso culture

Viennese cafe society which was led by Sacher tort and Café Bellaria close to the Ringstrasse, Cafe Central and of course Cafe Mozart (Since 1794) and the excellent Grand Cafe, can justly point to being a pioneer in espresso consumption… and in the main the Schumli style,  high Arabica recipe was faithfully adhered to… This compared to Mediterranean purveyors, who used lower quality beans…often varied the recipe to season, and typically provided either a 100% Robusta beverage (wow!!) or beans covered in sugar or molasses (called Torrefacto)

Nothing is new in terms of blend engineering… and in essence having to change bean according to season and harvest is of course a fine and understandable principle…the reality is that today though we expect certain standards of quality and consistency and these are not always delivered

Good to know then, that at Aromo we do not negotiate on the green bean and the specific qualities we need to produce our finest easy serving espresso ESE pods

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