Espresso Band Wagon

Feb 22, 2012



Espresso Band Wagon

There seems to have been an explosion of internet based companies offering tremendous, wonderful and splendiferous coffee and espresso on a monthly subscription basis recently!

The prices are good….good for the roaster that is…. with some charging upwards of £40 per kilo equivalent for sometimes mediocre coffees/ last season end of lines and iffy qualities

However, the simple fact is that even the finest, most exquisite coffee bean is not ‘super human’ and immune to the god decreed ageing process!

So, why oh why, do the leading operators in this sector still pack into pre made bags at atmosphere?

I was on ‘YouTube’ recently and saw a ‘player’ taking us on a tour around his new factory facility, which his dear customers had paid for…!

All very posh …but save for the astonishingly bright red floor, all rather tedious, samey, old hat and rather antiquated, self congratulatory pap….

We saw the tasting room and the goods in (which was temperature controlled because one of the doors didn’t open at the same time as the other!) and were reassured how fresh and pure the green beans were (a quick trip to an origin warehouse would open your eyes in terms of pest control and other nasties!)  BUT!

The bit that made me chuckle, was packing…

One lady carefully prizing open a pre made bag with her sweaty hand (no glove), before dosing the beans from a hopper (open to the air) into a bag (which was open to the air and un-flushed) and then the bag was sealed with a rudimentary sealing press at atmosphere…

Now then, Guru might be a bit odd and long in the tooth, but what the dickens is goin’ on here then!?

Prize beans packed at atmosphere won’t last more than a couple of weeks before they start to go stale… and that’s assuming the handmade seal has sufficient integrity to allow the valve to work!

Come on lads…we can do better than this… and the reality is that here at Aromo we do!

Our ESE espresso pods are individually packed and gas flushed in the blink of an eye on state of the art equipment…

When you open an ESE Espresso pod, rest assured you can’t, simply CAN NOT get fresher espresso – unless you happen to have an at home roaster of course… that luxury most cannot afford physically or mentally J….it’s a bit like home brew…Sounds great, but the reality is always a little different….

But ! Aromo people of the world…tell us… would you like more speciality espresso pods…? Single origins…? Grand Crus? If you would …then we can ESE pod it!

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods


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