Espresso – A Gift From the Gods!

Mar 14, 2012



Espresso – A Gift from the Gods

Espresso coffee tastes great, it has a wonderful aroma, a luxuriant crema and it is a fabulous ritual and if made using ESE coffee pods, then it is pretty much a carbon neutral, compostable luxury vs those nasty corporate capsules, which are proliferating with Nestlé’s Nespresso and Kraft’s Tassimo!

But did you know that not only can the spent coffee grounds be used as compost or mulch, they can also be used to make rigid boarding, for use in the production of furniture and other fixtures and fittings (‘Re- Worked’ of London with their brand ‘Çurface’ ) as well as the more typical good uses such as:

Being sprinkled as an Insect repellent

Steeping items in the grounds to dye them

To cover up scratches on furniture

As an abrasive cleaning product

Mixed with orange peel to act as a Kitty Kat repellent and on its own to repel slugs and snails

A great hair rinse!

And of course to neutralise nasty smells and odours especially on chefs hands after cooking or indeed chewed as a whole bean to help stinky breath…

…And it is on this particular note that Guru was intrigued to hear that scientists at The City College of New York have invented a material made from used coffee grounds, which can ‘sop up’ hydrogen sulphide gases, the chemical that makes raw sewage stinky!

Wood, peat , shells ,coal, coconut and fruit stones have all been used in the past to make natural charcoal style filters…coffee is however a step forward, not only because it is in today’s society a ubiquitous waste material, but also because coffee grounds also come with a special built in ingredient that boosts their smell-fighting power – Caffeine!

Caffeine contains nitrogen and this element increases the carbon’s ability to clean sulphur from the air by a process called adsorption… The team at City College created watery slurry of coffee grounds which they then dried and baked at 800 degrees C… the resulting mass becomes full of tiny holes which are the key to trapping and retaining the smelly gases…

Yet to be commercialised it is yet another signal that god wants you to drink espresso and especially Aromo ESE espresso pods!!

Ok tongue in cheek there…but it is great when we have a natural product and a totally virtuous circle… drink easy serving espresso and be at one with the gods! You know it makes sense…:)

This article was written by Guru who writes for, the UK’s leading online retailer of 44mm E.S.E espresso coffee pods

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